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Frequently Asked Question

Q) Can I put anything in a Anywhere Skip of are they only for green waste?

A) Household, general and green waste can be put into the Anywhere Skips. Anywhere Skips can also take building waste including soil and concrete rubble however weight limits apply.

Q)  How big are the Anywhere Skips? They look small from the outside.

A) Anywhere Skips are 3 cubic metres, they have been designed specifically to be placed into tight areas, getting the skip close to the rubbish as possible. Saving you time, energy and money.

Q) Do I have to pick up the Anywhere Skip and return it empty?

A) No. An Anywhere Skip is delivered empty then you fill it and we come and take it away.

Q) I’m not sure how many cubic metre skip I need for all my rubbish.

A) The most common sizes for general house and yard cleanups are 2m3 and 3m3. All Anywhere Skips are 3 Cubic metres. Most of Anywhere Skips hirers are amazed at how much fits in and struggle to completely fill it. If you do happen to fill the skip, you can always ask for a mid hire empty as outlined in the price page.

Q) Where does the rubbish in the Anywhere Skip go?

A) The Anywhere Skips are taken to Orange City Councils Tip where the contents are dumped into the allocated Council Bins. If you have any goods for the Resource Recovery Centre, please let us know at the time of delivery and we can recover from load (if possible) before tipping and they will be distributed to Resource Recovery Centre on your behalf.

Q) I have a side gate into my backyard, can I get the Anywhere Skip be placed in my back yard?

A) The Anywhere Skip is narrow and can fit in most places a car or box trailer will go.

Q) I have a standard box trailer, how much more rubbish will an Anywhere Skip hold.

A) A 6×4 Trailer holds about 0.7 cubic metres where as an Anywhere Skip holds 3.15 cubic metres.

Q) Last time I hired a skip other people filled it overnight will this happen with an Anywhere Skip?

A) An Anywhere Skip is fully lockable, with a large lockable rear opening door and lid. We give you a key so you can lock the lid over night stopping any unauthorised use of the skip.